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Don’t miss Baxter St’s President Michi Jigarjian @michijig in her performance curated by Zoë Buckman at Kasmin Gallery tomorrow evening! #michijigarjian #zoebuckman Performances start at 5:30!
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I’m curating an evening of performance! Am so touched that these guys said yes. 🍾This is Champ Program III and brings together artists I admire who make work I believe to be thematically in-line with the sculpture. I’m honored and excited to get Michi Jigarjian, Shaun Leonardo, Sabrina Mahfouz, and Elise Peterson in a room together for one night for spoken word and performance art. 5-7pm with programming starting promptly at 5.30…. 293 10th Avenue NYC. RSVP staff@artproductionfund Massive thank you to @artproductionfund , Kasmin Gallery, and #7Gfoundation #champprogram #zoebuckman @elcleonardo @eliserpeterson @sabrinamahfouz @michijig

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