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Lifelike: Hannah Whitaker

Marinaro is pleased to present LifelikeBaxter St Art Advisory Board Member Hannah Whitaker’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. The show presents several intersecting bodies of work, two groups of photographs and a collection of sculptural lamps. After several years of honing an exacting multiple-exposure photographic process, Whitaker presents a suite of new, conventionally made photographs (single-exposures shot with a digital camera). Using lighting techniques acquired through moonlighting as a commercial photographer, Whitaker depicts the same woman in various states of visibility. Surrounded by techno-futuristic design tropes, the woman presents the embodied form of the collectively imagined female figure at the center of personified technology. While she conjures an idealized being, she is, at the same time, unretouched—her wrinkles, hair tangles, and freckles are all visible in their full human splendor. The photographs are UV-printed onto MDF, with hand-painted edges, allowing them to occupy the wall without the constraint of frames, and creating a an experience of the work that is dependent on one’s vantage point.

Exhibition Dates:  December 10, 2020 – January 24, 2021