Sam Margevicius on Twenty-six, 2019

Baxter St Coffee Talks are intimate, limited capacity events that begin at our Project Space on 128 Baxter St. Attendees receive discounts on coffee, pastries, and tea from our partner, East One Coffee Roasters. Exhibiting artists will discuss their show and take questions over a cup of coffee.

Upcoming Coffee Talks

Lily Mott and the ICP-Bard MFA 2019 Graduates, With Pleasure: Saturday, 7/20 at 4pm

Past Coffee Talks

Phoebe d’Heurle and Hadi Fallahpisheh, Against the Sun: The photographs of Tahereh Fallahzadeh and the exhibition architecture of Fia Backström: Thursday, 6/20 at 11am, Tuesday, 7/2

Tommy Kha, Insensitive Flesh: Saturday, 5/18 at 11am and Saturday 6/1

Corinne Botz, Milk Factory and Bodies of Work: Tuesday, 4/16 and Saturday, 4/27

Zalika Azim, in case you should forget to sweep before sunset: Saturday 3/16, Thursday 3/21, and Saturday 4/6

Sam Margevicius, Twenty-six: Saturday, 2/16, Saturday, 3/2 and Tuesday, 3/5

Elliott Jerome Brown Jr., a simple song: Saturday, 1/26, Tuesday, 1/29, and Saturday, 2/2