Just Wide Enough To Hold The Weight

Marvel Harris, Siddhartha Hajra, Soumya Sankar Bose

I see my practice as lying in the interstice –  between image and text, between sense and viscera, between seeing and unseeing. I am interested in what happens in the in-between space, when a moment is pregnant with change. With this exhibition, the framing device I’ve used to think about that transformative moment is a crack – a space that exists for a moment in time before the whisper becomes a bang

Phalguni Guliani, Curator

Why do we define beauty if people can have differing opinions on what is beautiful? Nobody is the same. I am hopeful for a world where we are all treated with dignity and will be fully seen for who we are in our imperfect bodies.

Marvel Harris

I wanted a certain quietness to shine through in the way light passes through the surface of these images, creating a sense of something that you want to hold so close and yet feel inveterately slipping. Like the rush of knowledge tapping your shoulder ever so gently one afternoon in a dimly lit library perhaps, glowing and waning at the same time

Siddhartha Hajra

All three works are located in different spaces and yet the situation everywhere is more or less the same in terms of social taboo, emotional space and acceptance. I hope this connecting factor will be interesting to the visitors

Soumya Sankar Bose