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I have always loved the way bell hooks celebrated photography’s role within Black Southern homes. In Art on My Mind, a book that continues to linger with me, hooks acknowledges that within the domestic interiors, photography often takes on a ceremonial role, enshrining its Black subjects with a perpetual dignity. As I have learned, it […]


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Next Wednesday at 7pm, please join us for a conversation between @tommykha and 2013 Workspace Resident @bloodypixy. This event is free to attend but please RSVP via DM or email us at to reserve seating. ‘Insensitive Flesh’ is on view until June 1st.

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Coffee Talks are back! This Saturday, 5/16, at 11am please join us to hear @tommykha discuss “Insensitive Flesh” and his relationship to the history of the portrait. Discounted (and delicious!) coffee and pastries will be offered by @eastonecoffee at our 128 Baxter St Project Space!
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Our Programs

Coffee Talks

Baxter St Coffee Talks are intimate, limited capacity events that begin at our Project Space on 128 Baxter St. Attendees receive discounts on coffee, pastries, and tea from our partner, East One Coffee Roasters. Exhibiting artists will discuss their show and take questions over a cup of coffee. Upcoming Coffee Talks Tommy Kha, Insensitive Flesh: Saturday, […]

Call for Curators

Open Call Emerging independent curators are invited to submit exhibition proposals on a rolling basis. Please note that there is an artist fee available for both curators and artists. Baxter St at CCNY does not provide a production budget for guest curated exhibitions. The deadline for the 2019-20 season is June 7, 2019.  Rules: Curatorial […]


As a membership-based organization we offer a dynamic array of gallery, forum and learning center dedicated to nurturing an inclusive and diverse community of lens-based artists and people interested in photography and video. We offer both Workspace and Support level memberships with benefits that range from access to state-of-the-art facilities to participation in our Member […]

Current Workspace Residents

Lorenzo Triburgo Lorenzo Triburgo

I confront the overlapping ideas of American identity, authenticity, and photography’s critical role in framing and constructing our understanding of reality.


Jasmine Murrell Jasmine Murrell

I’m inspired by a more expansive portraiture of bodies marked with time, experience, story, loss, power, beauty and substance all rolled into one.


Bahareh Khoshooee Bahareh Khoshooee

I investigate the fluidity of identity (or as Marx would put it: Gattungswesen) in relation to society. 


Dannielle Bowman Dannielle Bowman

I use photography to abstract objects and landscapes of historical significance in an attempt to change the way those objects and landscapes are perceived.