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TEN BY TENFOTOFEST BIENNIAL 2020 Board member Daniel Handal’s photo series Pajaritos will be featured in Fotofest’s Biennial. Originating from the FotoFest Meeting Place Portfolio Review for Artists, Ten by Ten is one of the FotoFest Biennial’s most popular exhibitions. Presented alongside the FotoFest Biennial 2020 central exhibition, Ten by Ten (formerly known as the Discoveries […]


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HOW DID YOU GET THIS?: THE SPACES WE INHABIT Zalika Azim, Elliot Jerome Brown Jr., Colette Veasey-Cullors, Melvin Harper, Daonne Huff, Anders Jones, Deborah Willis 2018 Workspace Residents Zalika Azim and Elliot Jerome Brown Jr. are a part the upcoming group show How Did You Get This?: The Spaces We Inhabit at the Welancora Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. […]


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Babybox Per Billgren, Taylor Blackwell + Cayla Wilson, Effie Bowen, C Alex Clark, Molly Duggan, Harry Finkelstein, Jessica Green, Gina Kelly, Kyle Maxey, Pvssyheaven, Ben Ripley, Gabriel Rivera, Barbara Schnitzler Community member Katherine Finkelstein will be curating Babybox out of Motherbox Gallery in collaboration with Flyweight Gallery, run by Jesse Cesario and Clare Torina. Available for virtual tours starting March 16. […]

I’m here to entertain you, but only during my shift

Joiri Minaya 

Curated by Corrine Y. Gordon 

Opening Reception: Postponed until further notice
Exhibition Dates: March 18 – April 25, 2020

Our Programs

Coffee Talks

Baxter St Coffee Talks are intimate, limited capacity events that begin at our Project Space on 128 Baxter St. Attendees receive discounts on coffee, pastries, and tea from our partner, Baxter St Cafe. Exhibiting artists will discuss their show and take questions over a cup of coffee. Upcoming Coffee Talks Betsy Kenyon, Grey Matter:  Postponed […]

Call for Curators

Open Call Emerging independent curators are invited to submit exhibition proposals on a rolling basis. Please note that there is an artist fee available for both curators and artists. Baxter St at CCNY does not provide a production budget for guest curated exhibitions. The deadline for the 2020-21 season is June 5, 2020.  Rules: Curatorial […]


As a membership-based organization we offer a dynamic array of gallery, forum and learning center dedicated to nurturing an inclusive and diverse community of lens-based artists and people interested in photography and video. We offer both Workspace and Support level memberships with benefits that range from access to state-of-the-art facilities to participation in our Member […]

Current Workspace Residents

Marina Leybishkis Marina Leybishkis

Through the use of video, photography, archives, archeology, and text, I analyze the instability of meaning, the construction of visual narratives as locations of self formation as well as the implications of such narratives into perceptions of identity. 


Spandita Malik Spandita Malik

I’m absorbed by the powerful stories of women, portrayed through artistic collaboration, that subverts the idea of the artist as the main producer by sharing control over the photographic representation within our own creative entities.


Antonio Pulgarin Antonio Pulgarin

I use photography, photographic collage and installation to create works that explore the themes of cultural and queer identity, memory, and displacement and their direct relationship to the Latinx narrative in America.


Alanna Fields Alanna Fields

I explore the complex relationships between archive, historical memory and black recollection, through a queer lens.