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Annual Juried Competitions

Every year Baxter St at the Camera Club of New York holds an open call for entries for its Annual National Photography Competition. This year the competition will be juried by curator and art historian Andrianna Campbell. The deadline for 2017 has passed. Photographers and photo-based artists working in any genre are eligible to apply. Applicants are strongly […]

Call for Curators

Open Call Emerging independent curators are invited to submit exhibition proposals for Spring 2018. Please note that there is a small stipend available for both curators and artists. BAXTER ST at CCNY does not provide a production budget for guest curated exhibitions. Rules: Curatorial Proposals may have up to four artists, and may not include the […]


As a membership based organization we offer a dynamic array of gallery, forum and learning center dedicated to nurturing an inclusive and diverse community of lens-based artists and people interested in photography and video. We offer both Workspace and Support level memberships with benefits that range from access to state-of-the-art facilities to discounted classes to […]

From the Blog

DEAR DAVE, Magazine Issue No. 25

DEAR DAVE, Magazine Issue No. 25

Posted by on Jun 22, 2017 in Efrem Zelony-Mindell | No Comments

Behold those who memorialize the aftermath of a camera. Photographs. For artistry and memory, or travels to lands and narratives unknown. The twenty-fifth issue of DEAR DAVE, magazine ennobles the embodiment of personal feelings. Is it nostalgia, or is it for newness? Photography is not of moments—rather, they allow us each to create one for […]

Ben McNutt: Contend

Ben McNutt: Contend

Posted by on Jun 15, 2017 in Efrem Zelony-Mindell | No Comments

Cultures are identified by feats of strength and icons. Societies are made up of people, parts, places, and passions. Wrestling is wonderfully ancient. Its aesthetics are expansive in practices and homes. Grappling such combat is filled with focus and gesture. The sport is varied in rule and method. History meets modern styles. Incorporated mythology is […]

Eileen Rae Walsh: Round Juicy Citrus, Bright Reddish-Yellow

Eileen Rae Walsh: Round Juicy Citrus, Bright Reddish-Yellow

Posted by on Jun 2, 2017 in Efrem Zelony-Mindell | No Comments

Natures are bound and not perfect. Identity is formed, but how? Immersion in discomforts and joys are ways of forming something like home. A room becomes confused by the canopy of plants and unfamiliar life. Forms become hot and weird. A windy city connects to the tropics and compositions can become all wrapped up in […]

Our Mission

One of New York’s oldest arts organizations, the Camera Club (CCNY) has been a home for photographers to develop their craft, providing both a working facility and collegial environment for discussion and the exchange of ideas.


Current Workspace Residents

Amanda Gutierrez Amanda Gutierrez

My work focuses on the relationships between the concepts of memory, home, and landscape.


Katarina Jerinic Katarina Jerinic

My projects begin from observations made while walking in the city and simultaneously wandering through ideas about landscape.


Nandita Raman Nandita Raman

I’m moving through the city, wishing to reclaim it, to make this heady and almost mythical city my own.


Keisha Scarville Keisha Scarville

My work is about narratives that are triggered by absence.