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Spring-Summer 2015 Classes Registration by email or phone at 212–260–9927 Full payment deposit needed to register for any class, lesson, or workshop. Deposit is fully refundable if cancellation occurs two weeks prior to first class session, 25% cancellation fee applicable if less than two weeks notice is given before the first class session. BAXTER ST at […]

Call for Curators

Open Call Emerging independent curators are invited to submit exhibition proposals for the Fall 2016 and 2017. Please note that there is a small stipend available for both curators and artists. BAXTER ST at CCNY does not provide a production budget for guest curated exhibitions. Rules: Curatorial Proposals may have up to four artists. Potential […]


Already a Member? CCNY members can manage their account by login into Wild Apricot. Workspace Memberships Although CCNY has closed its space on 37th Street, we are pleased to announce an agreement with the International Center for Photography (ICP) whereby our members can use ICP’s darkrooms. We offer two different types of Workspace Membership: Associate and Resident […]

From the Blog

Oranbeg Press: DIY done right

Oranbeg Press: DIY done right

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It’s likely you’ll recognize the names of at least a handful of the more than 100 artists who have participated in Oranbeg Press’ Interleaves (a current list is at the bottom of this post). Interleaves are 2-sided inkjet prints measuring roughly 12″ x 15″ which are designed to be folded in half, twice, making them about […]

Tamara Kametani & Yoshi Kametani

Tamara Kametani & Yoshi Kametani

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This week I spoke with Brooklyn-based artists Tamara Kametani and Yoshi Kametani about their new book, Sumimasen. Liz Sales: Congratulations on your new book, Sumimasen. Could you tell me about it? I know that you and your subject, a webcam girl, collaborated with each other under the name IPG. Tamara Kametani: We’ve been working collaboratively as the […]

Kat Shannon’s You Belong Where You Are

Kat Shannon’s You Belong Where You Are

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This week I spoke with Kat Shannon about her ICP-Bard MFA solo thesis show You Belong Where You Are. Liz Sales: Congratulations on a wonderful thesis show! Kat Shannon Thank you so much! And thank you for coming by! L.S. Is your exhibition title, You Belong Where You Are, a nod to the book, No One Belongs Here More […]

Our Mission

One of New York’s oldest arts organizations, the Camera Club (CCNY) has been a home for photographers to develop their craft, providing both a working facility and collegial environment for discussion and the exchange of ideas.


Current Artists in Residence

Inbal Abergil Inbal Abergil

The cinemas in “24 Frames Per Second”, are temporary shelters in a way, providing an escape from hectic daily life in Israel.


Nica Ross Nica Ross

I use photo, video and performance to create immersive environments/alternative realities/fantasy fortresses in an attempt to harness and revel in desire.


Pacifico Silano Pacifico Silano

Against Nature, is a body of work that investigates the subjugated history of gay men living in Nazi Germany during World War II. READ MORE

Alessandro Teoldi Alessandro Teoldi

Sometimes I wish I could forget what I know and — starting from the particular — build a new system that helps me understand the universal from a new perspective.  READ MORE