Review of Nandita Raman’s exhibition “Body is a Situation,” by Phil Taylor

Review of Nandita Raman’s exhibition “Body is a Situation,” by Phil Taylor

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Our body is more elastic than we think. Teasing, pulling, receding, absorbing the welter of forces that press towards it, splitting off into pieces, coiling in upon itself, endlessly deforming and reforming itself, informed by all in its surround. How large the surface of a foot is, I think, as I face up the first […]


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Baxter St is pleased to a announce “Walking in Lightness” by our resident artist Amanda Gutierrez which opens tomorrow 6-9 pm. Read more about it on @bedfordandbowery! Link in bio! 👆🏽😘 #place #nyc #nonprofit #resident #artistinresidence #residentartist #home #identity


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Just so proud of Jesse and thankful for the wonderful review in @brooklynrail. Even though the show just came down you can relive a bit of it via link in our bio! 👋 until next time @jessechun! Congrats to you and organizer @mistermisterchen on a terrific show! 🙌


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Each year, BAXTER ST at CCNY invites emerging photographers living in New York City to apply for the BAXTER ST at CCNY Workspace Residency Program.

This residency offers local photographers much-needed workspace in New York City as well as access to the CCNY community and programs.

Call for Curators

Open Call Emerging independent curators are invited to submit exhibition proposals for Fall 2018 by April 30th. Please note that there is a small stipend available for both curators and artists. Baxter St at CCNY does not provide a production budget for guest curated exhibitions. Rules: Curatorial Proposals may have up to four artists, and […]


As a membership-based organization we offer a dynamic array of gallery, forum and learning center dedicated to nurturing an inclusive and diverse community of lens-based artists and people interested in photography and video. We offer both Workspace and Support level memberships with benefits that range from access to state-of-the-art facilities to discounted classes to participation […]

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Tommy Kha Tommy Kha

Through the framework of the self-portrait, I constantly navigate between self and otherness in my photography.


Elliott Jerome Brown Jr. Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.

Constructed as singular moments in ongoing narratives, my work functions as a documented abstraction of daily life.


Zalika Azim Zalika Azim

Investigating the complexities of history, memory, migration and lineage, my work strives unpack the constructions of personal and collective narratives.


Arash Fewzee Arash Fewzee

I make slow images in darkrooms, photographs that occupy space, drape over frames, resist reproduction, and exist in a state self-awareness.