Ghost Bites

Tommy Kha

The exhibition title references ‘ma cắn’, the Vietnamese phrase that refers to mysterious scratches and bruises that appear on the skin from unknown sources. 

Ghost Bites explores Kha’s interests in how community and “preservation of the everyday” find expanded expression in a range of photographic forms.

An extension of Kha’s exhibtion in Baxter St’s Project Space, The Chain Letter Project is a collective memory contributed to by AAPI friends from across the United States over the last year. This first iteration of the project comprises around 700 photographs.

The Chain Letter Project contributors are: 

Alice Buchanan, Ava Chin, Richard Choi, Marie Estrada of Moto Spirits, Meana Hasan, Pao Houa Her, Grant Hyun, Tommy Kha, Hannah Youngjoo Kim, Alison Kuo, Candice Kwan, Christine Lee, Pixy Liao, Yenwei Liu, Cyrus Penarroyo, Takahiro Morooka, and Yumpling (Howie Jeon, Jeff Fann & Chris Yu).