Hi this Theresa Ganz @tganz (CCNY residency ‘09) taking over the Baxter Street instagram this week in preparation for my show opening @smackmellon January 13. Here is a shot of the installation in progress. “Theresa Ganz’s Wave Room is a meditation on how humans cope when the social order is threatened by cataclysmic events such as natural disaster, war, or political crisis. Lining the walls of the space are digitally collaged, printed images of ancient Roman towns destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius; these are layered over with video projections of the storm surge from recent hurricanes, and a soundtrack of an electronically processed excerpt from Wagner’s “Twilight of the Gods,” the final installment of the Ring Cycle, fills the room. Through this immersive, multi-media installation, visitors experience a city lost at sea.”

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