Hi this is @sammargevicius , I’m going to be sharing some images of my work and working process over the next week. I thought I’d start out with this picture of the tarp-covered section of a garden. This summer I was having a hard time moving on from the completion of a previous project so as a healthy practice I would force myself to go out and make pictures. I began to notice plastic tarps everywhere I looked, people seem to drape them over everything from garbage to precious cars and plants. I decided that photographing these utilitarian draperies was a way for me to be gentle with myself, and I came to think of the pictures as a practice in patience. One day my ideas would burst forth from beneath these curious surfaces, but for now they had a special place to live and grow. I guess a studio practice can be a lot like gardening.

#bluetarp #gardening #studiopractice #wip #creativeblock #4×5 #colorfilm #artphotography #ccny

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