Juried Competition Winner Sacha Vega (b. 1991) is a photo-based mixed media artist. She was a recent resident of ARTHA Project, class 2016-2017. She received her BFA in Photography from Pratt Institute and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.
“I grew up in a Catholic Asian American household that held familiar comfort with mystic or supernatural belief, modes of thinking I have always thought to be at odds with each other. As a photo-based artist, I became fascinated with this idea that the people I trust navigate the world with faith in manifestations, that do not hold “proof” in a traditionally photographic capacity.
Through photographing and interviewing my family in the Philippines, I was curious if I would be better equipped to articulate the origins of this spiritual tension. That said, conversation and debate sparked only more questions and ultimately this work prescribes value to the colorful and complex space that thrives between your certainty and someone else’s.” 📷: ‘IV,’ 2017. @sachachavega #baxterstccny #photography

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