2023 Baxter St Artists In Focus Benefit Auction with Artsy

Baxter St, the oldest artist-run, lens-based non-profit in NYC, is hosting its second online auction. Featuring works by established and emerging artists, the offerings reflect each artist’s unique view of the world.

Featuring works by:  Adam Pendleton , Alessandro Teoldi, Alfredo Jaar , Antonio Pulgarin , Arthur Ou, Azikiwe Mohammed , Aziz + Cucher, Carrie Schneider, Cheryl Mukerji , Dionne Lee, Elliott Jerome Brown, Emma Safir, Genevieve Gaignard , Gwen Smith, Hank Willis Thomas, Jasmine Murrell , Joaquin Truillo , José Parlá and Rey Parlá, Laurie Simmons, Matthew Leifheit, Miles Greenberg, Naima Green, Qiana Mestrich, Roland Fischer, Sadie Barnette, Shala Miller, Simon Benjamin, Sonia Louise Davis , Stanley Stellar, Sue de Beer, Susannah Ray, Swoon, Tommy Kha, and William Camargo – The auction reflects Baxter St’s active community of lens-based artists and supporters we are lucky enough to call friends. The auction will be live from June 20, 2023 to July 06, 2023.

Rooted in Baxter St’s focus on equity, proceeds from the auction will be shared equally between the artists and the organization.

By bidding on the works in this auction you can help to ensure Baxter St continues to be a dynamic platform for future generations of creators and audiences.