Artists In Focus Initiative

In 2020 Baxter St launched Artists In Focus, a print sale to generate direct financial support for artists in need during the height of the pandemic. Our fundraising initiative raised close to $100,000 in six weeks, giving all 76 participating artists a baseline stimulus of $500 each.

As a tribute to the overwhelmingly positive response, Baxter St is thrilled to present this curated exhibition that highlights a decade of artists from Baxter St’s prestigious artist-in-residence program featured alongside established artists that comprise our engaged community of lens based creators with their unique views of the world.
Providing support to artists at  pivotal junctures in their practice has been the cornerstone of Baxter St’s mission throughout its 136-year history. Artists in Focus Initiative is a real world example of our mission in action, allowing our community to answer our call to action, supporting the next generation of artists in an equitable way at a time when they needed it most.