Baxter St Programing at PHOTOFAIRS New York

Baxter St is proud to be a programming partner with PHOTOFAIRS New York which will take place from September 7th – 9th, 2023.

Baxter St proudly presents modern prometheus III by artist Emma Safir.  

Functioning as screen simulations or portals, Safir’s work alludes to hierarchies of labor, especially in its relationship to gender and digitization. Oscillating between convex and soft, absorbing and emanating light, Safir’s work employs illusion in order to both disorient and placate. Safir is an alumnus of Baxter St’s Guest Curatorial Program. 

We will also be presenting the following talks.

A Space of One’s Own: Michi Jigarjian, Derrick Adams, and the Fusion of Leisure and Joy in Lens-Based Practices

Date and Time: Friday, September 8th, 12pm

Description: Join us for a captivating conversation featuring renowned artist facilitator president of Baxter St Camera Club NY and managing partner of the Rockaway Hotel, Michi Jigarjian, alongside visionary artist and founder of The Last Resort Artist Retreat, Derrick Adams, as they explore cultivating photographic and installative practices.

Michi Jigarjian, known for her work at the Baxter St Camera Club of NY and The Rockaway Hotel, will share her insights into the integration of leisure and joy within artistic advocacy. Jigarjian will discuss how lens-based practices can benefit from expansive experiences of retreat and leisure. 

Derrick Adams, contemporary artist and founder of The Last Resort Artist Retreat, is a Baltimore-native devoted to promoting the merits of unrestricted access to leisure and emotional wellness for the benefit of Black creatives in need. Adams will contribute his unique perspective on nurturing a space where artists can innovate, create, and expand upon the Black experience as a vital part of TLRAR’s mission and to affirm artistic freedom and openness, while in an urban environment. He will highlight how his visionary retreat provides artists with an environment that encourages rejuvenation, ultimately fostering creativity and personal well-being..

Title: Photography & Materiality: A Conversation with Jil Weinstock, Elliott Jerome Brown JR, and Emma Safir

Date and Time: Saturday, September 9th, 12pm


Join us for a generative roundtable discussion with Baxter St at the Camera Club NY Executive Director Jil Weinstock and Baxter St alumni lens based artists Elliott Jerome Brown Jr and Emma Safir as they discuss exploring the structural aspects of image making through variations in their depth and spatial construction. 

Jil Weinstock, Director of Baxter St Camera Club will situate the role of the arts incubator in supporting unconventional dialogues surrounding photography while allowing a generative space for artists to explore and think about their medium in new ways. Weinstock will guide the conversation to consider how both artists have engaged with the medium of photography as a sculptural material in their work.  

Brown, at his solo show at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery (2022), presented both portraits and abstract photographs that reflect on materiality, memory, and intimacy including two large sculptures—with shapes akin to a wall and a box— to explore the structural aspects of images through variations in their depth and spatial construction. Meanwhile, Safir employs sculptural techniques in her design of the image, including the Baxter St Presentation at PHOTOFAIRS- modern prometheus III. Both Safir and Brown demonstrate an attention to the space between the physical material of a photograph and its image. This discussion will guide the conversation between these artists not only to generativity ponder on the ways in which they are thinking about their medium of photography but also the ways in which their work has come off the wall and engaged with the spaces in which they have exhibited their work, including BAXTER ST at CCNY.