Stills from Birds, by Analisa Teachworth


Analisa Teachworth
In partnership with Het Nieuwe Instituut’s project Screen Spaces

Exhibition dates: December 1 – December 7, 2018

Baxter St at the Camera Club of New York is proud to be presenting the work of Analisa Teachworth in partnership with Het Nieuwe Instituut’s project Screen Spaces, a geography of moving image. The exhibition will be held in our exhibition space in 128 Baxter St.

Birds is a multichannel projection based video piece that highlights a rooms unique architectural edges and abstract elements. The videos are accompanied by directional speakers that provide a sound component of songbirds. In Birds, the dissected moving image folds the footage warping content and accentuating the peripheral surrounding. The manipulation of video into the sculptural form has become a common motif within the artist’s practice. The projection placement accentuates a room’s unique geometry to illuminates angles, its aim, to dissever the subject matter by playing with potentialities of creases and shadow, emphasizing the videos minimal architecture. By highlighting intersections, a new stage is carved out of the seams of the exhibition space, exposing the unnoticed architectural nuance, joining practical elements found in the footage itself and the space within which it lives. The installation video depicts the artist in a contemplative exchange with three birds and a set of minimalist props in a bunker-like space. The footage reveals the artist in rapture with finches aboard in her hands. Their song is an invocation of the animistic and explores the spiritual significance of small collective beings. The bird’s songs share features vocally in the way in which they produce their songs. Most of the acoustical differences, which they achieve, are due to the region and parameter of space where they operate. Their sounds become different in different areas; therefore, the chamber environment in which the birds are recorded captures their own unique choir within the space. Their songs echo throughout the installation.