2011 Annual Juried Competition and Exhibition

2011 Annual Juried Competition Finalists and Exhibition
Juried by Richard Renaldi
Exhibition: August 18 – September 10, 2011
Closing Reception: Friday, September 9, 6-8pm

Baxter St at CCNY is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition of the winners of its 2011 National Photography Competition, juried by artist Richard Renaldi. The three artists in the 2011 Baxter St at CCNY Juried Exhibition– First Place Winner Nathan Bett, Second Place Winner Goseong Choi and Third Place Winner Hugo Fernandes – present three contrasting directions in contemporary photography. Nathan Bett’s photographs of people on the street offer a role-reversal on just who is being observed and who is the viewer. Goseong Choi’s series Umma is about the loss of both a mother and grandmother, as seen through the perspective of a mourning daughter via her photographer-son. Hugo Fernandes’ series, Intimate Strangers, modifies two types of archetypal encounters– the photographic portrait session and internet-based sex hook-ups, and creates a shared contemplative act where anonymous sex is suspended and replaced by an ambiguous yet intimate exchange.

2011_1_bett_nathan_01_400pxNathan Bett – First Place Winner

2011_2_choi_goseong_01_400pxGoseong Choi – Second Place Winner

2011_3_fernandes_hugo_01_400pxHugo Fernandes – Third Place Winner

Honorable Mention Artists:
Susan Anthony
Gary Carpenter
Maureen Drennan
Christopher Patrick Ernst
Lauren Hermele
Yo Imae
Amanda James
Tom M. Johnson
Jaiseok Kang
Joey Lawrence
Ashlei Quinones
Jason Reblando
Jesse Rieser
Ira Wagner
Heidi Warner

Richard Renaldi says about the process of jurying this year’s competition:
“I really enjoyed judging the CCNY Competition. There was a great diversity of work and photographic voice. The submissions ranged from still life, portraiture, landscape, documentary, to abstraction. One genre I saw quite a lot of was the narrative portrait. The submissions that impressed me the most had a clear focus to the work and a realized point of view?vision. This being a photo award, I looked first at the photographs and made a judgment as to whether or not the images were interesting and aesthetically strong – then I looked at the project descriptions to learn more about the work I was interested in. One helpful suggestion for your next contest entry would be to be a little harder on yourselves with your editing and try to include the best photographs possible. Best of luck to you all and thanks for participating in this year’s contest.”

Baxter St at CCNY also presents a website exhibition of all of the winners, including a special web-only exhibition of the fifteen Honorable Mentions selected by Renaldi– Susan Anthony, Gary Carpenter, Maureen Drennan, Christopher Patrick Ernst, Lauren Hermele, Yo Imae, Amanda James, Tom M. Johnson, Jaiseok Kang, Joey Lawrence, Ashlei Quinones, Jason Reblando, Jesse Rieser, Ira Wagner, and Heidi Warner.