Jaiseok Kang


Not surprisingly, the majority of people frequently use their hands whenever they make conversations or want to express their immediate feelings. I believe hands also show the same strong feelings as faces, so I started photographing portraiture, asking my models to try to pose with their hands.

While proceeding with this project, one of my friends looked at this and said to me, “Some of your models’ hands don’t look like their own hands.” Then I expanded this project with this idea that I have tried to capture two or even three people’s mutual feelings in one portraiture.

I want my models to connect their feelings to each other with faces and hands.

Jaiseok Kang (a.k.a Jason River) was born in 1976 in Seoul, South Korea. While growing up, Mr. Kang dreamt of becoming a painter and enjoyed drawing from his own imaginations and observations. In 1995, he entered Hansung University’s Industrial Design department where he was introduced to photography for the first time. After graduating, he pursued his career as a photographer and worked doing numerous commercial projects including fashion, movie posters, and album covers for two years while attending a graduate program at Hongik University majoring in Photographic Design. He exhibited at Paeksang Memorial Hall and Kuanhoon Gallery in 2004 in Seoul. In 2005, he came to New York and held his first solo show at Contemporary Project Space Gallery. He has followed this with group exhibitions and collaborative works with other artists.

Now he lives and continues his work in Brooklyn, New York. 

Artist’s Website: jasonriver.com