Honorable Mention Artist: Alice Rodriguez


Duas Pessoas Cem (Sem) Lugares
Two People and One Hundred (Without) Places

Nomad lifestyle, the continually change of address and a relationship between man and women sharing the same space, struggling with privacy at the same time each one of them have their own history; it’s what I have been photographing through the years of moving from one small apartment to the next with my husband. I chose to register our journey in a very sole way. For this project I am taking pictures of objects that represent our intimacy, routine and enclosed spaces we lived in.

My work plays with people’s memory and emotion. The photographs are created based on my life experience, however the white background let the viewer create their own story. I am constantly getting away from any human traces and any personal surrounding that society call “home”. I isolate the objects in an empty studio and create a relationship between them and the work title. The title for me is a big part of my creative process; it is a hint that helps the viewer gets into the art piece.

Alice Rodriguez is originally from Brazil and her first stop in a foreign country was in England in 2003. She lived in London for four years where she received a BFA at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design and also had a chance to be a part of two group shows. In 2007 Rodriguez came to NYC where she received a MFA at Pratt Institute, with Distinction. While living in New York, she won the PS122 Gallery Contest in 2009. She exhibited at Daniel Cooney Gallery and Pratt Manhattan Gallery in the same year. Rodriguez also had the chance to exhibit at PS122 Gallery (2010) and at Mercedes Viegas Gallery, her first solo show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2011). This year (August, 2012) her work was selected to be part of the MACAA group show in Detroit. Today, Rodriguez lives and works between NYC (USA) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

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