Honorable Mention Artist: Dareen Hussein


Using the main theme of estrangement, Inertia portrays the paradoxical effects that one’s home can have on certain individuals. Light is shed on the notion of the household only being a temperamental place of comfort and security— ultimately serving as a period, rather than a place, in a person’s life where roots are lied, and character is established. The yearning to leave home is at its strongest vigor, but the willingness is not there, due to the concept of “home” being a place of permanence.

Dareen Hussein is a 19-year-old photographer hailing from Columbus, Ohio. Currently located in Los Angeles, California, Dareen is pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography at Otis College of Art & Design. Using Los Angeles as a backdrop, she utilizes photography as an unspoken language that seeks to communicate ideas of the human condition, and the inevitability of isolation.

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