Claudia Retegan


My work exists somewhere in between the diaristic and the private, the staged and the performative, dealing with themes of voyeurism, the body and the hunt. Whilst using a snapshot aesthetic I try to create loose narratives between the mundane and the extraordinary. I am interested in the human psyche, the spiral of going back and forth between the animalistic unconscious and rational consciousness. Desire, the game of hiding and revealing, the feeling of being watched contribute to creating a space of constructed intimacy.

Claudia Retegan (b.1984, Romania) is a photographer, graphic designer, and video artist currently based in New York. She graduated in 2008 from the University of Leeds, U.K. with a BA (Hons) Graphic & Communication Design. The same year she received an honorable mention for Photography in D&AD Student Awards and was published in their annual publication. In the following years, she worked as an art director and graphic designer in Romania. In 2012, Retegan moved to New York to study at the ICP one year certificate program, where she has been awarded a 2013 ICP Student Scholarship