Andrew Fillmore

Beginning in 2013 I began photographing in the small town of Central Falls, Rhode Island. As a result of political corruption and years of poor management, Central Falls filed for bankruptcy in 2010, and is currently in the process of rebuilding and reorganizing in the wake of ongoing economic difficulty. A former textile mill town of just one square mile, Central Falls has been a point of destination for diverse Latin American immigrant populations since the 1950’s.

In many ways I see Central Falls as a microcosm of the political and economic situation faced by many struggling communities today, and I’m interested in the ways in which my photographs might speak to larger issues of economic inequality, the immigrant experience, and the politics of recovery at a local level. I’m interested in representing the ways in which communities form and organize in much of my work. With this particular project, I’m exploring notions of collective identity and struggle in a town on the fringe, nearly forgotten, but resilient and proud.

Andrew Fillmore is a photographer based in New York City. He is currently an Adjunct Lecturer in the art department at City College New York.