Christian Erroi

Christian ErroiStatement:
Digit. Through imaginary connections, a tablet permits the opening of new worlds. Like a simple figure of speech, images turn into reality and back again. Pointing a digit indicates a thought process. Vija Celmins painted small antique chalkboards, the places where one builds up worlds from the simplest of manual markings. What works on these erasable boards is the same set of laws that rule the mysteries of the universe. The building blocks here are traces, fingerprints, debris, beauty, and imperfection that all turn into a palimpsest of schemes and moving thoughts, where a trace (fingerprint) corrects a previous approximated earlier one. The dark matter here is the subject: so mysterious as to be pliable, and so ever-expanding that it may be eternal.

Christian Erroi is an artist of Swiss and Italian origin working in New York, who was awarded an MFA from International Center of Photography/Bard in 2013. Christian’s own work has explored subjects having to do with nature, neurology, time, and optical experimentation. His work has been seen in solo exhibitions in Switzerland, China and the United States, and preserved in the collections of museums and collectors. In his professional work, Christian specializes in portraiture, documents fine art for galleries, and fine architecture and landscapes for designers.

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