Cynthia Henebry

Cynthia HenebryStatement:
Since 2011 I have been engaged in a photographic investigation of the relationship between the chaos and conflict that exists in the adult world and the internal life of the child. My autobiography informs this process, and impacts the choices I make about the people I work with as well as decisions about how to depict them, and how to let them depict themselves. The collaborative aspects of the work are significant, and point to my interest in the grey area between the children and me, then and now, truth and metaphor. Both the research and the experiential aspects of making the work explore the idea that the child is fundamentally “Other” to the adult, and attempt to articulate the consequences of this fundamental and universal disconnect.

Cynthia Henebry is a photographer based in Richmond, Virginia. Her work explores themes present in contemporary American family life, most frequently from the perspective of the child. She has exhibited at the Page Bond Gallery in Richmond, Virginia and the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center as well as numerous other galleries in Virginia, New York, North Carolina, Los Angeles, Georgia, Chicago, and Halifax, Nova Scotia, and her work is held in corporate, private, and public collections. She graduated from VCU School of the Arts with an MFA in photography and film in 2014 and is represented by Page Bond Gallery in Richmond, Virginia.

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