Daniel Terna

There is an ambiguity to my work that operates within both individual pictures and in sequences of them. I prefer my work to be read without context so that each picture can be seen independently, yet narratives can still be constructed from the jumble. I tend to look at things that are equally repulsive and attractive, such as a beckoning hand with a mole on it, or a little kid revealing the whites of her eyeballs. In capturing moments like these, I’m stretching a bad joke thin or listening for an awkward pause after a punch line. Absence is the connective tissue that binds my work, and I punctuate these moments with irony.

Daniel Terna (Brooklyn, NY) has exhibited work in New York City at 321 Gallery, UnionDocs, Outpost Artist Resources, NurtureArt Gallery, the AC Institute, the Austrian Cultural Forum, Eyebeam, and the Museum of the City of New York. He has also screened at the Contemporary Arts Center (New Orleans), Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts (Cambridge, MA), Armory Center for the Arts (Pasadena, CA), and Gallery Tayuta (Tokyo). His work will be included in a group exhibition in the forthcoming BRIC Arts Media Brooklyn Biennial (Fall of 2014). Terna graduated with a BA in Photography from Bard College and is an MFA candidate at the International Center of Photography.

Artist’s Websitedanielterna.com