Daniel Terna

Daniel Terna_Law Library

Two Chairs, Law Library, University of Michigan (2015)

There is an ambiguity to my work that operates within both individual pictures and in sequences of them. Each picture can be seen independently, yet narratives can still be constructed from the jumble of images. I’m drawn to places that require permission to be accessed or that have barriers in place, and even if I lack clearance, I’ll amble along, pretending to belong. Within these circumstances, I’ll look for the silence that follows a badly-told joke, when the uttered words are still lingering in the air. Absence tends to be the connective tissue that binds my work and I punctuate these moments with irony.

Daniel Terna (b. Brooklyn, NY) uses video and photography as a means to describe relationships, both personal and related to the act of picture making. He questions when and why we choose to make photographs, and what it means to take pictures today versus what it meant in the past. He has produced several photographic series and short films, deeply exploring various sites and drawing conclusions about relationships and memory. Terna has participated in select group exhibitions at the International Center of Photography (NYC); New Wight Biennial (UCLA, Los Angeles); BRIC Arts Media Biennial (Brooklyn, NY); Eyebeam (NYC); Museum of the City of New York (NYC); The Wild Project (NYC); the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts (Cambridge, MA); and Armory Center for the Arts (Pasadena, CA); Terna was a resident in the nine-month Collaborative Fellowship Program at UnionDocs, Brooklyn, and was awarded the 2012 Cuts and Burns Residency at Outpost Artist Resources in Ridgewood, NY. Terna graduated with a BA in photography from Bard College and received his MFA from the International Center of Photography-Bard. He runs and co-curates 321 Gallery, Brooklyn.

Artist’s Website: danielterna.com