Jake McNulty


Untitled II (2015)

The works of “Statues Revisited” examine our relation as viewers and creators to bodily representation. The images depict Greco-Roman sculpture focusing primarily on broken and damaged works that show only sections of the body, or of sections of larger sculptures. The images are printed using a method that creates light sensitive prints that slowly fade when displayed. The use of this method is intended to create an image that functions in parallel with the original subject (the depicted body,) and its following representation (the sculpted body,) then breaking from the common contemporary representation (the photographed body as an image inert in print and frozen in time.) The printing process renders the depicted bodies as simultaneously formal and pictorial representations, as well as images that emerge from and sink back into their referential ether.

The works are displayed mounted to materials such as aluminum or plexiglass, though rather than using these materials in their traditional mounting methods, the images are adhered to the surface and leaned on shelves or stood on the floor, with exposed sections of their mounting substrate and their freestanding nature highlighting the object qualities of the prints, along with their physical connection to the depicted subjects.

Jake McNulty is a New York City based artist. BFA: School of Visual Arts Photography Program 2011. Exhibitions include: “Quantum Suicide Machine” by Group 8080, “Preservation” by Ed. Varie in Miami Beach, and “Untitled,” a window installation of temporary photographs at Printed Matter Inc. Publication includes: “Untitled (Statues)” artist book with Mossless Magazine.

Artist’s Website: jakemcnulty.com