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2017 Annual Juried Competition

Here are some facts (both soft and hard): My dad worked in construction his whole life. A selfproclaimed “macho man,” he relied deeply on his body and his physical strength.  His limited idea of masculinity, or perhaps limited idea of what it means to be a “man,” informs all of how he sees himself. Time of course takes those qualities away from us and he is now in search of a new identityI am not sure if he will find one. My mother was the manager of construction on Trump Tower and executive vice president of the Trump organization for 20 years. She stopped working for the Trump organization in the 90’s and has since been speaking out against Donald TrumpOf course, the work before you is not just about a family. I didn’t make these photographs in an effort to tell a story “true” to biography, I am not the man for that job. am interested in the stories we tell ourselves: the way we create narratives and myths and histories. These stories can empower us, and they can trap us, and over time they expire, and then what do we do? We try to make new ones.

Res is an artist and curator based in New York, NY. They graduated from Smith College in 2008 with a double major in Sociology and Studio Art. Res finished their MFA at Yale School of Art in May 2017. Res’s photography engages myth, spectacle and history in relation to constructions of selfhood.  

Res’s curatorial work has included Queering Space at Yale, and forthcoming Queering Space at Alfred University. Recent exhibitions have included: Double Speak, Yale MFA Photography Thesis Show which opened in NYC and will continue on to Los Angeles and San Francisco in summer 2017. Recent publications include: MATTE Magazine Issue 41 , Newspaper Number 2 and forthcoming Girls Like Us, and they are looking forward to publishing their first book in Fall 2017.  

Artist’s website: