Still Life Exhibition

Stephen Sitting, June 2009, © Lyndsy Welgos

Stephen Sitting, June 2009, © Lyndsy Welgos

Still Life

Curated by Jon Feinstein
Exhibition: November 5 – December 19, 2009

Erica Allen, Michael Bühler-Rose, Robyn Cumming, John Hutchins, Louis S. Davidson, Lyndsy Welgos and Ann Woo

Still Life examines a tendency in contemporary portraiture to remove the subjectivity of the persons photographed, literally transforming them into objects, and fashioning them as if they were still lifes. People are depicted for their formal or cultural qualities, as matter rendered through light and color. The exhibition juxtaposes this contemporary work with studio portrait work from the Camera Club Archives, fostering a discussion about the relationship between classical idealized studio portraiture and contemporary critical portraiture. Still Life, like the previous exhibition First Impression, celebrates the Camera Club‘s 125th Anniversary.