Shimmer Shimmer

Lorenzo Triburgo
and Sarah Van Dyck

Exhibition Dates: October 7 – November 4, 2020

Featuring all new figurative and still life photographs created in 2020, Shimmer Shimmer draws influence from a history of queer visual activism, artists using New York City as a site of political disruption, and feminist use of the body as a political site – while staying true to Triburgo’s proclivity for camp aesthetics.

After 10 years of transgender “hormone therapy” Triburgo stopped taking testosterone as a durational performance begun during their residency. The desire to occupy new subjective space inspired the physical changes Triburgo underwent and the ensuing photographs in Shimmer Shimmer

The figurative images in Shimmer Shimmer feature Triburgo’s glitter-adorned nude form in familiar, gendered, art historical poses, photographed by Van Dyck on location at the historically gay section at the People’s Beach at Jacob Riis Park in Queens, New York (known as Riis Beach), now a haven during the summer months for NYC queers. In Mars Triburgo’s figure is backed by the iconic, boarded-up sanatorium surrounded by barbed-wire fence that has come to symbolize this anti-assimilationist queer space.  Lorenzo’s genderqueer body stands strong in an implied forward motion while one arm reaches back and subtle highlights along their fingertips imply strength and hope for the future.




Devon Leaver

Opening Reception: Postponed until further notice
Exhibition Dates: To be determined

The second exhibition from the Baxter St at the Camera Club of New York and the National YoungArts Foundation Residency Program, GALOOT, featuring an experimental short film by Devon Leaver, will open on TBD.

New York, NY – Baxter St at the Camera Club of New York, the non-profit artist-run organization dedicated to supporting lens-based artists is pleased to announce the second year of the residency program in partnership with National YoungArts Foundation (YoungArts).

YoungArts | Baxter St Residency Program supports artists working in the mediums of photography, film, and video practices, by providing funding and workspace, culminating in an exhibition. The partnership with YoungArts further expands Baxter St’s efforts of engagement with emerging artists at critical points in their educational and professional careers.

As the second resident in the program, Devon Leaver (2011 YoungArts Winner in Film) will present her experimental short film GALOOT. The film, written and directed by Leaver, follows the journey of the titular character, a creature named Galoot, immersing the viewer in the experience of growing up on the autism spectrum. Leaver, who took inspiration from childhood writings and drawings, worked in partnership with her sister Brenna Leaver – who constructed and performed the character Galoot – to create this touching short film.