Manual Transmission Miami

– Got an email from photographer Ben Alper yesterday asking to spread the word about Humble Arts Foundation’s Manual Transmission project which is hoping to have its second viewing at NADA Art Fair in Miami Beach in December. To help offset productions costs curators Joy Drury Cox and Nathaniel Ward have started a kickstarter fundraising initiative. Please help out if you can!

For the 2010 NADA Art Fair at the Deauville Beach Resort in Miami, Humble Arts Foundation affiliated curators Joy Drury Cox and Nathaniel Ward propose to present a one-night exhibition and event that blurs the lines between art viewership, visual spectacle, minimalist performance, and a damn good party. Manual Transmission I was a group exhibition and rooftop event presented on July 31, 2010 in Brooklyn, NY where curators Joy Drury Cox, Nathaniel Ward and Patrick Amsellem commissioned 10 artists to each create a unique artwork comprised of 36 exposures from one roll of 35mm color slide film. An extension and distillation of Manual Transmission I, Manual Transmission Miami will present five of the original projects simultaneously on separate 8 ft-wide screens surrounding the pool area of the Deauville Beach Resort. In a nod to the projects reliance on analog process and the manual transmission of information, the slides will be advanced by a single individual moving from projector to projector for the entire length of the event.