“Natural Selection” … survival of the digital photograph

SVA and Calumet challanging the notions of body, cityscapes and the ever changing human condition. This show is a group show of sixteen emerging artist from SVA MPS Digital alumni group of 2013. Currently on view at Calumet Gallery, Located on the second floor 22 West 22 Street, showing through February 20 – 28. Each artist shown here attacks the notions of the ever evolving world we currently live in. My top pics are the following: Hsin Wang, Masha Ermak, Clay Patrick Mc Bride

Hsin Wang  deals with body and the commodities that surround us. Inserting the physical presence of the female body you see the struggle of fashion and identity in each of her prints. Beautifully composed they allow the viewer to approach the image. Yet its content is disturbing. Something alluring yet dark are present and one is left wondering if we are eliminating our own species with over consumption.

Masha Ermak – (Series called “The Strangers”) is the photographer that is on the cover of the invite and I do have to say uses a dark humor and commercial photography to create a serious conversation about society. website  Her usage of food creates in relation to the body creates a great dialogue of desire, want, and pleasure. Yet at the same time the removal of any identifiers such as heads, fingers, and photoshoped skin brings into question body image . The placement of these objects bring into mind surrealist compositions and Freudian practices into a more contemporary dialogue.

Clay Patrick Mc Bride (Series titled Underworld)

There are many, many, many photographers who attack the subject of the underground railroad system. And to tell the truth I never really see anything original. However the way Clay approached this subject was simply … fantastic. Using elements of fantasy and magic he created creatures of the underground world bridging in some cases what was reality and what was not. These large Prints were on some sort of acrylic box making them objects themselves. Personally I don’t think he needed to go that far, seemed a little to “arty” but the images themselves were impressive and evoked dreams, mystery and a world that I wish to find in the hours of 4am……