Fryd Frydendahl in conversation with Allen Frame

Garden, 2015 by Fryd Frydendahl

Nephews: Fryd Frydendahl in conversation with Allen Frame

Thursday, June 2nd | 7 pm
Seating is very limited, RSVP to advised
Suggested Donation $5

Join us on June 2nd as Allen Frame and Fryd Frydendahl will be in conversation about Frydendahl’s upcoming book and longterm project, Nephews.

Sahara Borja wrote the following about the project: The series ‘Nephews’, by photographer Fryd Frydendahl, speaks to that particular kind of artistic and personal maturation that occurs in the face of a life-altering incident. ‘Nephews’ is an ongoing collaboration between the artist and the two young boys her sister left behind upon passing. Fryd is neither mother nor sister nor aunt to the boys – the relationship is something else entirely that has no common name. Respectful, devoted, and affectionate, she has precociously explored the intricacies of this multi-generational and multi-voiced relationship in a creative way that speaks to her instincts both as a nurturer and as a photographer. Fryd began photographing the boys because she missed her sister, she says, and because she ‘needed to establish some way of keeping her close’. Over the years the project has become a collaboration, and what started as a ‘somewhat selfish need to fulfill (her own) void has turned into a communication across geographic and emotional barriers’ while turning into a ‘document of time and a family story about growing up and doing it together’. In collaborating, the three of them have renegotiated a tragedy that could have very easily set them all adrift. They chose each other, instead. The images speak for themselves, and the work is overwhelmingly generous of heart.

Fryd Frydendahl and Allen Frame were previously in conversation, to listen go here.


Fryd Frydendahl divides her time between New York and Denmark. She works within the field of photography and video. Frydendahl was born on the west coast of Denmark in 1984, graduated from Fatamorgana, the Danish school of art photography, in 2006, and received an Advanced Certificate from The International Center of Photography, General Studies in 2009. Her first book, Familiealbum, was published by the Danish Publishing house Nyt Nordisk Forlag in 2007. The book featured a collection of portraits from “the youth house”, a Danish punk venue that was sadly evicted and demolished in 2007. She is the recipient of grants from Fogtdahl’s Rejsestipendie, The Henry Margolis Foundation, and Josephine Lyons Merit Scholarship. She was a part of the 2011 CCNY fellowship program. She has had several solo exhibitions and is currently finishing two new publications that will be out in the fall of 2016.

Allen Frame is represented by Gitterman Gallery in New York where he has had solo exhibitions of photography in 2005, 2009, and 2013.  His 2013 exhibition Dialogue with Bolaño was presented at the Museum of Art of the Sonora in Hermosillo, Mexico, in 2014.  He has also had solo shows in Paris (Galerie Polaris), Budapest (Liget Galeria), and Zurich (Schedler Galerie). His work has been included extensively in group shows since 1976.  Detour, a compilation of his photographs over a decade, was published by Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg in 2001.  He currently serves on the Board of Baxter Street at the Camera Club of New York. He has been the recipient of grants from the Penny McCall Foundation, the Peter Reed Foundation, Creative Time, Art Matters, CECArtslink and others.  He is an Adjunct Professor of Photography at Pratt Institute (MFA), the School of Visual Arts (BFA), and the International Center of Photography. He graduated from Harvard University and grew up in Mississippi.

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