Kenneth Zoran Curwood

kzc image 6 ccnya screening of his recent films & post-screening Q&A led by Lindsey Castillo
Friday, May 17, 2013, 7pm
Free admission. Seating is limited.
at the CCNY Studio
The Arts Building
336 West 37th Street, Suite 206
Silver and Dye: Personal Cinema and DIY Processing

In conjunction with this artist talk, CCNY will have a motion picture hand-processed film class led by Kenneth Zoran Curwood in June 2013.

About the screening

As part of the CCNY Conversations Series, artist Kenneth Zoran Curwood will be presenting his films and discussing his process, influences, and philosophy behind much of his recent work. From concept and shooting, to hand processing and re-photographing the film, Curwood will elaborate on the process and underlying aims of his films. He sees his work as “about looking for ways to see things I haven’t seen before.” Curwood works with analog film, which he describes as having inherent inconsistencies, while opening the door to chance, experimentation, and methodical control. Curwood says about this process that “turning over the results at the processing stage becomes the key to the whole experiment, reintroducing chance into the equation even though the ultimate result may be failure.“

Films screened include: Piltdown Days, super 8, (9 mins), This Time, super 8, (6 mins), Dusted Rays, super 8, (6 mins), Dr. Delay, 16mm, (7 mins), Cut and Run, 16mm, (6 mins), Poor Jim, 16mm, (10 mins).

About Kenneth Zoran Curwood

Kenneth Zoran Curwood is an artist and filmmaker from New York. As part of his practice, he takes apart old movie cameras and projectors, and re-purposes them to photograph movies one frame at a time (DIY optical printing). He then processes the film in home-made chemical mixtures. Curwood’s works have been shown at Anthology Film Archives, Canada Gallery, Union Docs, Louis V E.S.P., Heliopolis Gallery, and many other venues. He graduated with a BA in sculpture from the School of the Visual Arts. To see his work, go to his vimeo site.