Photography and Drawing with Alexa Zucker

Photography and Drawing
Instructor: Alexa Zucker

September 6 – October 4, 2016
Tuesdays 7:00 – 10:00 pm (5 sessions)
Cost $300 ($270 Baxter St at CCNY members)
The maximum number of students in this class is 8.

In this course we will explore the language of drawing and examine the relationship between drawing and photography. The class will consist of weekly drawing exercises, critiques, and group discussions and readings. In addition to drawing in class every week students will complete 3-4 drawing assignments outside of class.

Learning to see is an essential part of both drawing and photography. Both exercise and refine our understanding of visual perception. Both drawing and photography teach us that seeing is a nuanced and complex process and both media are ways of relating to the world that expand and excite our visual acuity. A drawing is a visible manifestation of the combined processes of looking, decision-making, and the unique marks inscribed by the individual who made it.

The act of drawing has the potential to demonstrate the interplay between the real and the imaginary in a manner that emphasizes the artist’s interpretation and authority over the image. In this way drawing is also a process of revealing or self-discovery.

The skills acquired through the drawing process are applicable to myriad artistic applications. Drawing is a form of visual thinking, and learning how to draw is a process that encourages continual reappraisal of what constitutes a successful work. Drawings never exist in an attainable fixed state. Because of the subjective nature of drawing and the inherent potential for the expression of individuality, there are always alternative ways to make either different or better drawings.

Alexa Zucker

Alexa Zucker is a visual artist from New York City where she currently lives and works. Her work primarily consists of large-scale drawings, paintings and collages using traditional materials. Her website is

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