Curator Jerry Vezzuso speaks with Juan Carlos López Morales and Roberto Tondopo as part of their exhibition “Fantasy, Dream and Make Believe,” at the Camera Club of New York, Sunday, October 21, 2018.

This exhibition brought together three outstanding emerging artists from Mexico who situate their subjects within vivid and liminal landscapes of fantasy, dream, and make-believe. The exhibition is held in collaboration with the Celebrate Mexico Now Festival and is sponsored by the Tierney Family Foundation. Sergio Fonseca explores machismo, sexuality, and male personas in a video called La Dispersión del Yo. On a bare stage he performs seductively as a stripper, playing three iconic characters: a cowboy, a rapper, and a wrestler. In a second video, 180kph, he traces the path of a biker shooting across a desert horizon, timed to a popular ballad of longing and desire. Juan Carlos López Morales makes uncanny images that hint at a mysterious narrative, combining portraits with details of environments and figures to create a heightened sense of foreboding and déjà vu. His evocative photographs in dim light are singular glimpses that hover between fluid dimensions of the real and unreal. Roberto Tondopo depicts his niece and nephew at play, exploring their transition from childhood to adolescence as they enact stories from the artist’s own childhood that shaped his identity as he grew up. Part reality, part fiction, the remembered tales deal with violence and rites of passage.