Arash Fewzee

Artist Biography:

Arash Fewzee (born 1989, Mashhad, Iran) lives and works in New York. His work includes photography, installation, video, and sculpture and has been exhibited both in New York City and internationally, including most recently at Lishui photography biennial 2017 at Lishui museum of art in China. He holds a bachelor of science in Economics from Ferdowsi University and an MFA from Parsons, The New School.


I make slow images in darkrooms, photographs that occupy space, drape over frames, resist reproduction, and exist in a state of self-awareness. The slowness of these objects generates a medial space to reflect upon the essential structures of their production. This medial space makes it possible to create a discourse that examines images beyond what they contain and represent in order to question them on the basis of production hierarchy, functionality, and movement. Making slow, physical, irreproducible and site-specific photograms in the darkroom and galleries that I transform to darkrooms is a form of refusal of participation and also is a solution to work against the de-contextualizing quality of photography. To knit photos to a space in a form that any future existence and circulation of these images is only an index of an event that took place in a specific place and time in the past. The form and scale of these installations is intended to transfer the performative process of making photograms in the darkroom to the space of presentation, and by doing so it subverts our corporal reception of photographs, where we have become the static spectator of the everlasting flow of images.