Francesco Palombi

Artist Biography: 

Born in 1991, Francesco Palombi is an artist from Rome, Italy. After moving to New York, Palombi attended the General Studies Program at the International Center of Photography in 2012. The process of printing in the darkroom embraces his ideas and plays a critical role in his work. Palombi currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


Drawing away from photography as an action of chasing scenes from reality, I’m approaching this medium with the idea of complete creation. After discovering the darkroom, I began to feel extremely sensitive to black and white images, realizing the great power of inner communication they embody. I’m interested in the human internal condition and in his mind activity. To express myself, I often create sculptures and drawings, combining them in black and white images as final products. Using clay, wires, paint and different materials, I’m attracted by the creation of a space outside reality. I study the interaction between objects I create and how different forms can express different emotions. Photographing them is like listening to their dialogue and participating it. Beyond the sense of time and space, my photographs are an attempt of opening a window into the human inner world and into his mind.

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