Ido Abramsohn

Artist Biography:

Born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel, Ido Abramsohn currently lives and works in NYC. He received his BA in photography with honors from Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem. Abramsohn’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world, including Haifa Museum of Art (Haifa, Israel), Bronx Museum of Art (New York, NY), Museum on the Seam (Jerusalem, Israel), Site Specific Art Fair (Tel Aviv, Israel), and Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair (Tel Aviv, Israel). He has been the recipient of Sotheby’s Under the Hammer Award for emerging artists and of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation Grant and participated in the Bronx Museum’s Artists in the Market Place residency.


In my work I use photography to examine the relationship between mass visual culture and the way that reality is perceived and valued. My working method is based on collecting, processing, and photographically recycling material that is deeply rooted in the perceptions of society. This system of representation augments what is generally overlooked and raises questions that provoke consideration of preconceptions.

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