Susan Worsham

© Susan Worsham

– I’ve been really in love with the work of Susan Worsham lately. Her series Some Fox Trails in Virginia, whose title comes from a book written by her father’s ancestor, is “a metaphorical map, of the rediscovered paths of my childhood home,” as she explains in her statement for the work. Through a consistent and beautiful use of color, Susan tells the story of her childhood experience through the people who now reside in the places she once did. My favorite part of her statement “I photographed the house in which I grew up. The man that lives there now houses snakes in my father’s old office, and rests them in my old bedroom, while he changes their cages. My mother always promised that there were no snakes in my room, and now that she is gone, there are.” tells it all.

Be sure to also check out her newest body of work By The Grace of God about the kindness of strangers in the South. See more work here.