Was It A Dream

© Ayala Gazit
– For my first post for the blog I’d like to call attention to my friend Ayala Gazit’s entry for this years Photography Book Now competition hosted by Blurb. The work takes on the story of Ayala’s brother whom she never met because of his suicide in 1996. The images are striking, for me bringing to mind the work of Alessandra Sanguinetti, and the story that unravels from the mix of family photographs and letters is emotional to say the least. A while back when discussing the project, Ayala asked “How do you sell death?”, my answer to her now would be to not make the project about death per se but more of a “celebration of life” and that is exactly what she does with Was It A Dream. Please take a look here and if you like the work vote for her for the Peoples Choice selection.