Wayne Liu

May Flower
Christian Boltanski one-month at Park Ave Armory
a sketch of maps without qualities, or rather, the bird scientist Primoz
Inner Mongolian Company Town
the Friends of Eddie Coyle
5am each day, tuning the ac drone to sleep for auditory bearings of chickadees plucking away the strings on each other’s brains
Beijing – Texas
evolution of robot humping monkeys
hope you may check out my humble reflections upon Heather’s flooded house
never bored with boards of canada
pick and choose as one will, fun though, and those minature staircases for kiddies of school days past
thanks for sharing that amazing skyline with me
the bomb needs no subtitles
‘The Loitering Presence of the Rational Actor’
today’s astrology, evolution of nostalgia in viral suburban dream 9 little monkeys gliding on wheels shan’t be selected
very well, c u
Wayne likes Brain Pickings
‘we don’t need no education’
The Meandering Scar, E-mails from China
Tied to the 90’s